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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Trifling Affair

What do you do when you have two large sponges and a 2 litre bottle of Light Blue Milk which is mysteriously thick and creamy, like its actually Whole Cream Farm Special that's been labelled wrong? Well, you make trifle. Two of them, in fact. And then, when you realise that there's absolutely no way that two of you can eat two huge trifles by yourselves before they go bad, you take one to work and share it around.

Easy Fruit Trifle - By Dessert Chef C

(Serves heaps)

Spread one side of a 200mm x 200mm sponge with jam and slice into cubes. Spread through a large serving bowl. Open a can of tinned fruit (we used peaches for one and plums for the other), pour the juice over the sponge and spread the fruit over the top.
Make up some instant custard (real egg custard is much nicer, but it won't keep very well in the fridge for the number of days that this trifle will). Pour over the top of the fruit and sponge.
Whip 300ml of cream and spread over the top of the trifle. Get a block of nutty chocolate and grate liberally over the cream. Serve with ice cream and/or jelly. This trifle is even nicer after a night in the fridge, because all the juices and flavours soak right through the sponge. Mmmmm.

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Unknown said...

I Love Trifle! Want please. BTW, morgue and I did a slow cooker high 5 for you in Edinburgh :)