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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Breakfast Dinner

What better way to wake up on a Sunday morning than to the smell of frying bacon and onion and hot toast, with fresh coffee? Fixing up a huge feed for breakfast on the weekend is all good and well, but what really bites is then having to do all the dishes. What a way to drag down your Sunday morning. So here's the solution. Instead of going to all that effort when you should just be sleeping in, whip it up for dinner on a Thursday or Friday night instead. Somehow that way, the dishes don't seem like such a burden. Of course none of this applies if you have one of those new-fangled dishwashers, but we're certainly not that flash (despite the Dessert Chef's insistence that we move into the 20th Century and cram one into our rather undersized kitchen). Either way, here's what I reckon is right royal Breakfast-Dinner nosh-up, complete with hot coffee in the morning or followed up with a hot milo at night. Yes, we really do have a milo at night. And with your Sunday morning, cook porridge and don't waste all that time doing dishes.

The Ultimate All-Day All-Night Cooked Breakfast

Bacon, fried.
Onions & Capsicum, fried.
Hot Baked Beans.
Buttered Toast.
Scrambled Eggs.
Tomatoes, halved and fried, then covered in grated parmesan & freshly ground pepper before being finished under the grill.

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