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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cooking up New Features

The lovely people at Google have been kind enough to provide me with a custom search bar, which you will see if you take a look to the right of this post and down a bit (or up, as time goes by...). I have set this Foodie Googlie up to only search for things relating to food, cooking, recipes and suchlike. Give it a go! See if its as good as I imagine it might be.

I've also added a few live feed options down the side a bit too, but I really don't know what this does. I suspect it means that when I update Freshly Ground, you will somehow be informed.

It was also recommended that I join the Technorati, though I am likewise ignorant of exactly what this has really meant for me as a blogger and citizen of cyberspace. But as the advice came from a well-trusted source, I, well, trusted it. Please, if you like Freshly Ground, take a moment to fave me (I hope it only takes a moment, anyway). I currently rank about 1.9 billionth in the world, so any advance on that would be encouraging.

And while you're about it, rememer the Free Rice page. Go donate some food to hungry people and expand your brain power at the same time.

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