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Friday, October 3, 2008


Well, I can't complain about the polls any more. For the first time ever, I got called and asked to participate in a political survey. Excellent. Now I feel like I've had my say, even before election day. Perception is everything. I have aided the perception somewhat of what I believe in. Good stuff.

Now, onto less political and more tasty things: BaconChicken. We had a discussion about whether or not if you took away the bacon, these would be Vegetarian Chicken. Yes, there is oftentimes silliness in the Freshly Ground Kitchen. But seriously, we have soy-based tofu dogs (not us personally, but they're out there), so how come we can't get tofu drumsticks? Dessert Chef says I can't use tofu until I can prove that she won't be able to taste it. And if you look closely, you'll see that by weight it's not actually cheaper than meat (last time I checked anyway - things may have changed by now). So no tofu for us. No, we'll have our BaconChicken meaty, please! (Apologies to any vego readers out there...)

OK, its not exactly the quickest and easiest, but these chicken drumsticks came out beautifully. The secret ingredient is jellied cranberry.

BaconChicken Drumsticks

(Servings: Allow 1 rasher of bacon per 2 Drumsticks, and 2-3 Drumsticks per person.)

Spread the cranberry over the chicken and then wrap a couple of long strips of bacon around each. Season with freshly ground salt and black pepper.
Trim the fat off the bacon and lay it on an oven rack, then place the baconchicken on top of it. I cooked ours on my favourite Pizza setting for about 40 minutes, turning every ten minutes or so.
Serve with steamed greens and roasted veges (cook these in the bottom of the oven, starting about 20 minutes before the chicken).


Leasmom said...

Jeez does that look delicious...too bad vegetarian bacon wouldn't do with this

susan said...

i love bacon. just felt like shouting that out :)

Dan said...

Susan - We love bacon too. More often these days, it seems.

Patrice - We also have chicken-bacon over here; its just like bacon rashers except it's made from chicken. Don't ask me how they do it. So anyway, if you could get Chicken-Bacon, then you could make ChickenBacon-BaconChicken...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I miss Kiwi bacon. Can you send me some for christmas????