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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Urban Driftwood

As of today, Urban Driftwood is available through

After nine long years of inception, drafting, redrafting, shelving, redrafting, and finally publishing, I'm very happy to say that our collection of poetry and short stories is available to the world for purchase.

We're using's Publish-On-Demand technology, so copies of the book are printed and shipped as they're ordered. This is good for the trees of the world, and I've been very impressed with the production values of the draft copies that Lulu have sent through to me.

Thanks to Morgue, Jane and Steve for all their patience (it has to be noted here that said patience stretches back to 1999. That's patience!).

And thanks to everyone who buys a copy. You're putting your hands on a piece of Wellington's history.

1 comment:

lbs said...

Congratulations on becoming a published author! I have my copy, and I've read it already. Can you send me your autograph so I can paste it in the front???