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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

There's Something Fishy in my Burger

Anyone for a nip?

I got my woolly hat out of the drawer before I left the house this morning. I got my warm coat out of the wardrobe before going outside tonight to sort out the rubbish and the recycling. While I did this, Dessert Chef was lighting the fire. Then we put fresh sheets on the bed, after we replaced the electric blanket that has been off since about November.

So there's definitely enough nip to go around.

Yes, the southerly blast that's wrapping up the country has reminded us what living in Wellington in the winter is all about, and it's only March.

So as we wave goodbye to Summer and look forward to Autumn, the best I can do is look back at all that yummy summery food that I haven't quite got as far as posting yet, and sigh.

In the third installment of my four-part Burgers What I've Made series (didn't realise it was a series? Nor did I until just now), may I present in picture form (because who really needs a recipe for making burgers?) Fish Burger with Sliced Avocado and Capsicum:

LinkThe other Burgers in this esteemed collection:
Bacon and Egg
Ultimate Beef

Still to come:
Lamb Steak Burgers

(Is your mouth already watering?)

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