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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Harvest Season

There's been a lot of talk lately about how this summer never really happened, and to some extent this is just a bit of dissatisfied moaning, because as summers go, it might not have been great, but nor was it awful.

The general lack of ambient sunshine and the omnipresence of the wind did, however, have a marginally detrimental effect on the tomatoes we were so carefully nurturing on the front porch. In short, the tomatoes decided not to ripen.

Thankfully, Gramps and Gran from Wanganui came to the rescue with the solution: Pick the tomatoes as they get big enough, and then place them on a plate on a windowsill, put a ripe tomato or two in with them, and cover them in paper.
This was working pretty well, until a very small and "helpful" pair of hands decided he would pick a few more for us; as many as he could get his hands on, to be accurate.
So now we also have a few tomatoes ripening up that we might just have to call "cherry" tomatoes, even though they're meant to be beefsteak or somesuch.
The results, however, speak for themselves.
And like I've always said, homegrown just tastes so much better.

I also currently have five pumpkins growing out back, along with rhubarb, potatoes, and lettuces (the latter thanks to The Boss - Cheers, Boss!).


Giffy said...

It's cool that the ripe tomato + paper covering works to ripen unripe tomatos, but I'm a leetle disappointed, I thought this was going to be a post about cooking with green tomatoes! Totally worth doing occasionally apparently.

lbs said...

Apparently if you put an apple in with your green tomatoes, it's supposed to help them ripen as well....