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Saturday, March 28, 2009

How to make a Bug out of a Cake

Our son is 2, and he loves bugs. For his 2nd Birthday, Dessert Chef decided to make him a bug cake.

I'll point out once again that anything which is essentially a pudding, even if it's masquerading as a Southeast Asian delicacy, is not my cup of tea. But the effort that went into this work of art and the awesome final result both deserve mention.

Full credit to the girl who doesn't even like bugs getting up close and personal with this one.

Bug Cake
Bake two chocolate cakes, one smaller than the other. (Don't look to me for a cake recipe, mind you.)
Ice one with vanilla icing, the other with chocolate icing with a touch of black food colouring.
Get creative with the sweets jar to give our friend a grin that little kids won't run away from.
Spend a long while getting intimate with a piping bag full of, alternately, green and black icing, until you have a deceptively furry spider.
A for Affort, Dessert Chef!
A few bits of licorice for legs and some marshmallows for feet, plus a menagerie of followers, and you have one cake disguised as a cuddly insectoid beasty.

I think it might be the only insect I've ever eaten and enjoyed. It sure was tasty.


Giffy said...

So Cool! :)

Le laquet said...

That's very cute - I'll bet he was chuffed with it!

lbs said...

That is awesome!! Dessert Chef C, you are phenomenal! How did the 2 year old react to his spidery birthday cake?