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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Garden Update

I know you've all been waiting eagerly to hear how my garden is growing. Well, I can be pleased to present the following for your perusal:
Exhibit A: Pumpkin 1
Exhibit B: Pumpkin 2
Exhibit C: The Lemon Tree
Exhibit D: Tomatoes
Exhibit E: More Tomatoes
Exhibit F: Yummy Fresh Potatoes

And all of this, with barely a few dollars spent. All the pumpkins and some of the tomatoes are wild, grown from sprouts in the compost, and the potatoes are from eyes sprouted on the windowsill, all planted in compost from the bin and fed with worm wees.

Gotta Love that Nature Thing.


strong light said...

Very Impressive Dan!

Leasmom said...

wow. That looks very good. I love it. We're in winter here so its nice to see a garden growing. Thanks.

Le laquet said...

I'm just jealous because to be warm enough to grow lemons it must be lovely and warm - brrr!