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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bier Stick Risotto

Time for another crack at risotto. We got some bier sticks as an alternative to chorizo, which was a bit spicy for some of the family, and decided that they'd go nicely with a bit of rice and kumera all simmered up together. I used a packet of pre-made liquid stock, because I have lots of vege and chicken stock now but no beef, and while it smelt a bit strange, it had no numbers in it and the odd aroma didn't affect the taste. Still, I plan on getting some beef bones and boiling up a bit of beef stock for the freezer very soon.

Bier Stick Risotto

Slice up 4 bier sticks and be sure to sample them for quality. Peel a kumera and cut into small cubes. Chop up an onion and about 4 cloves of garlic. Heat up 2 cups of stock and stand by.

In a pan, heat some olive oil, then add the onion to the pan. When it has started to sweat, add the garlic. Soften for about 3 minutes, then add the bier sticks and kumera. Fry gently, to coat with the onion and garlic, for about 3 minutes. Add a cup of rice, either arborio or jasmine. Mix everything together and fry gently for a few more minutes. When the rice starts to go glossy, add in about 60ml of dry white wine. As this boils off and is absorbed by the rice, start adding your stock. Add about 1 ladelful at a time, allowing the liquid to be absorbed before adding the next ladelful. This should be a gentle simmer, hot enough that the rice is cooking through but not so hot that it cooks on the outside but not in the middle. That just takes practice, and getting to know your cooking tools. If you get to the end of your stock and the rice isn't done yet, just add a bit of hot water.
When the rice is done, remove the pan from the heat and stir through about 40g of butter and a good little pile of parmesan, also about 40g. Stir until melted through. Dish and garnish with a bit more grated parmesan and some chopped capsicum.

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