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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Urban Driftwood and other Wordy Stuff

Time for another Urban Driftwood update. Read here and here for earlier posts on this most exciting of topics.

The first four copies ever arrived last weekend, and this afternoon I dropped off Steve's copy to him for a look. I'm meeting Jane on Saturday to give her her copy, right after we've been to the market. And while our dinner date with Morgue seems to keep morphing between dates and times I'm sure we will touch base very soon. I'm giving the above-named artists a chance to look over the book and give me any feedback they might feel necessary before we open it up to the public. My deadline is September 30th, which means that on Wednesday October 1st Urban Driftwood will be all go. That's how quick the Internet can be, folks. For a project whose title I conceived in 1994 and which I began developing in 1999, October 1 2008 is a significant date.

Are you as excited as I am?

Anyway, a link will be posted as soon as Urban goes live.

In other writing news, I reached Chapter 38 of 43 in the redraft of my novel today, page 1035 in fact, which means that I must be almost done. I'll be happier when I get to write that I've just completed Chapter 43, and that I'm done, done. That will be a fine day indeed.

I'd also like to plug a VERY FUNNY book, written by a kiwi chap whom I've never met, but is apparently quite famous. His book, The Bible II:Rick the Chosen One, is a hilarious, mildly ribald piece of off-the-wall humour. Clownwings sums it up like this:

If you like Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, you'll love this book. Not really informative, not much of it even makes sense, but very *expletive* funny. If you want to laugh, without knowing why, this book is for you.
RTCO can be found at the Kiwiwriters' Storefront, where Urban Driftwood will be available in two weeks or so.

BTW, at the time of publication the link to "Clownwings" above actually takes you a virtually blank page. This person, whom I also don't know, obviously joined Lulu but has not set up a storefront. We may or may not learn more about this mysterious "Clownwings" in the future. And Clownwings, if you're reading: Who the h#@k are you?

Just cos I'm nosy. ;-)

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Clownwings said...

I prefer to remain mysterious - Clownwings.