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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicken and Corn Soup

Did I mention that the Slow-Cooker Chicken was just divine? As chef, I had an obligation to ensure the highest possible quality was being served up, and so I was forced to sample the wings as they fell apart all over the chopping board before I could get them under the grill. I could literally suck the meat away from the bone, and they just melted in the mouth. So good.

As usual, I reserved the breasts for later meals, and boiled up a stock with the veges scraps, the bones and the cooking liquid. I had intended to make some lunch servings of soup to freeze, but didn't quite get there. Isaac is so keen to be able to eat more that he's decided to get all his eye teeth at once, so our usually quiet Sunday night was anything but. Accordingly, little more than the dishes got done.

Monday night we were all pretty shattered, so the plan to make soup for lunches became a plan to make soup for dinner, and what a good idea it was! Soup and toast on a cold July night with the fire going; that's the stuff! Isaac liked it so much he even figured out how to eat soup from a spoon without getting most of it everywhere but in his mouth!

Chicken and Corn Soup

In a bowl, chop up about 1 C of roast veges (potato, onion, kumera, pumpkin, all leftover from the previous night's roast). Add about 600ml of Chicken Stock (also a by-product of the roast) to the bowl and blend up with a hand blender. Scrape this all into a pot and heat gently. Add 1 chopped roast chicken breast (yet again leftover from last night).

Open a can of whole kernel corn and drain the liquid into your original blending bowl. Add the corn to the soup, then add the liquid to achieve the desired consistency (I ended up using the whole lot). Serve with hot buttered toast, freshly ground pepper and a dollop of sour cream.


Unknown said...

You make me hungry for winter food.

I agree with you that the slowcooker does not make a cook, but it *is* an awesome tool that one shouldn't be afraid to use. Aren't you glad you converted?

Dan said...

So far we've done chicken and lamb chops, which I'll be posting shortly. It sure has promise! Even just breaking up the cooking time makes it all seem much easier, but I can also prep stuff the night before a workday and C can turn it on during the day, so it cuts out the hard stuff straight after work, and that makes it worthwhile on its own. And certainly no complaints about the quality of the food at all. Its been delicious!

Unknown said...

I also appreciate the prepping the day before goodness. I love soups involving a ham bone (cheap at supermarket!), dry unflavoured soup mix, carrot, onions, celery etc. Can chop up and put in bowl the night before in fridge, put in slow cooker on low in the morning. Come home to house of delicious soup. I like to make mine really thick too. Mmmmm.

Ok, I miss my slow cooker somewhat. While I'm in Ireland, I lent it to a friend of mine who had come over and had slow cooked BBQ ribs (cut up some pork ribs, pour BBQ sauce on them, leave in slow cooker for 5 hrs on low) and wnated more of that goodness. Her husband has been enjoying it so much (curries a favourite) that I have been informed I will not be getting it back. They will buy me a new one if necessary!

I also have a recipe for slow cooker bread. Must try.

Dan said...

My mum makes soup like that, just in a pot on the stove, but it might be worth a go too. The ribs sound delicious!

Anonymous said...

Ribs in the slow cooker *are* delicious! And you don't even have to boil them first. I love them! Mum's chicken casserole in the slow cooker is good too. Oh, I'm getting hungry for slow-cooked meals. Roll on winter-time...