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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Impromptu Indulgences

On a bit of a spur of the moment, we took a ferry to Picton on Friday night and spent the the weekend on Obi and Nan's boat. The weather came to the party on Saturday and after the morning's frost we had a beautiful day on the water. We motored across Queen Charlotte Sound from Waikawa and anchored up in Kaipakirikiri Bay, where Isaac showed Mum and Obi how to row the dinghy. We had soup and toast for lunch and as the sun disappeared we slipped back to Waikawa and relaxed.

Cheese and crackers and mussels came out for a late afternoon snack, and when no-one could be bothered cooking a proper dinner, we improvised. We grilled up a packet of Gluten Free Smokey Bacon Sausages and began stuffing them with cheese. Mmmm. Then someone had the bright idea that sausage stuffed with creamy blue cheese and mussel might be nice, and I had to try it.

So. Good.

Smokey Sausage stuffed with Blue Cheese and Mussels

Slice a cooked sausage into one-inch long segments, and slice these lengthwise to about 3/4 deep. Slice off a thin hunk of Creamy Blue Cheese (or Cambozola, or something Blue) and squeeze it into the sausage. Slice a Mussel in half and push it into the cheese. Give a few moments for the heat of the sausage to soften the cheese, and eat.

Just to get back to the healthy stuff, we had a double lamb roast last night. Check back here for full coverage in a day or two.

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