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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Pudding to End All Puddings

It's been an awfully long time since I wrote about dessert, hasn't it?

OK, maybe not that long. But long enough.

So when Dessert Chef started making noises about cooking up what sounded like the ultimate pudding of all time, I was all for it.
It involved lovely ripe winter pears.
It required stewing those pears down with sugar, and getting some stewed rhubarb out of the freezer.
It involved crumble. Lovely, lovely crumble.
It involved custard.
There was pastry, rolled and pressed into a buttered pan and filled with the stewed fruit.
The custard went on top.
Then came the crumble.
Then the oven.
Lastly, it involved a bowl, a spoon, and a dollop of ice-cream.

There are no words necessary.


Anonymous said...

That looks downright delish. Its making me very hungry.

Laura Eno said...

Could you just box one of those up and send it to me? :)

Tomara Armstrong said...

drooled all over my keyboard.

Giffy said...

ooooh. Did she blind bake the pastry first?

Dan said...

Keiko - it was quite delicious, I assure you.

Laura - I could try, but it might get a bit mixed up on the plane. You might say that it could all turn to custard. (just kick me if you don't get that one - it might be a Kiwi thing.)

Tomara - here's a baby wipe. It's not wise to drool and type, you might silp and hrut yousrelf.

Giffy - I checked in with Dessert Chef and she said that no, she didn't, but she probably should have. Personally I find there's less mess in the kitchen if I let her take the blindfold off.

;) Dan