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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What the H@!! is this?

I have so much cool stuff to blog about, but this week is getting away from me and right now it's just gathering speed as it careens down a hillside.

So rather than burn the candle at both ends, I'm going to give you this simple question:
What the heck is this?

Please direct all guesses to the comments department. There will be a prize, perhaps an imaginary starship journey with an already maxed-out Starlight Express Credit Card to beguile and amuse your friends.

(No, seriously, I took this photo in my own kitchen and have no idea what it is. So, there is no wrong answer, unless it involves tofu. Tofu lovers: I've tried, I really have. But it just doesn't work for me.)

Enough. Must get to the sleeping.


Wanisan said...

My guess: mysterioso fritatta with dueling shaved bits: cheese and carrot, as well as topped with a poached egg and sweet chili gravy.

(and tofu never shines outside of Asian cuisine, when it's eaten with pork. The straight meat replacement is whack.)

Giffy said...

To me it looks like cheese and carrot and sour cream/cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce on... toast?

Leah said...

How about Jnr Kitchenhand's first attempt at following in Daddy's footsteps?

Janet said...

I don't know but it looks mighty tasty! It seems to involve sour cream and chilli sauce on top of what looks like carrot and cheese on top of what looks like something involving egg.

Janet said...

Ok, randomly un-related question from someone who follows your blog - got here from Morgue's...hoping you can help as you have good recipes and have lived through life with a baby...

I have a five week old son, who is adorable, but has a tendency to melt down in the evenings, making it impossible to cook anything that takes longer than five minutes to prepare at that time of day. Was wondering if you had any recommendations for quick to prepare food, or stuff that can be got ready earlier in the day and left in the fridge for the evening.

We're just starting to use up the things in the freezer that the kind relatives left us, so any ideas would be appreciated....

oh, and btw, we don't have a slow cooker, though may get one at some point - non slow cooker suggestions would be great at this point in time though.

Dan said...

Good guesses so far.

I have my own suspicions now, but I still can't be sure.

Janet: Once I got past the question of why you needed to cook a quick dinner for a 5-wk old (Thanks for clearing that up for me, DC), I realised what you were asking.

I comes down to either a) how much time you have in the day or on the weekend to prep, or b) how prepared you are to eat pre-packaged food.

We much prefer to avoid the latter, but just because they don't get blogged, don't think we never use them.

As for prepping good food, how about:

Lasagne - everything can be prepared and layered and placed in the oven early; just turn the oven on an hour or so before you want to eat, and have a steamer with chopped carrots and brocolli or a salad ready to go too.

Most stews or casseroles can be popped in the oven, timed to cook away for a couple of hours and be ready in time for dinner.

Even just good old mince can be done early - in fact it benefits from simmering away in a pot on the stove for a couple of hours before eating it.

This all assumes you have time in the day to do this, and I know that with a five-week old time is a precious commodity.

So make the most of weekends, and get into the kitchen. Make up meals you can freeze and put family-sized portions in the freezer. Then all you have to do is prep up some veges to make it healthy.

Frozen meals defrost pretty well on the bench from breakfast time, or overnight in the fridge. Then the microwave is your friend.

I'd love to be all snobby and say that we don't use the microwave, but we're human, and busy, and we do what we need to to get food on the table in a reasonable time. Most of my flash meals are reserved for weekends, while the 'quick-easy' ones are weeknight staples.

Maybe I'll make this a blog post all its own...

Lizebear said...

My guess is a fritter (possibly potatoe)... with grated carrot,cheese and sour cream and sweet chilly sauce :)

lbs said...

Did you figure this out yet?

Dan said...

Hey everyone, and thanks for playing.

And the prize goes to:

Dessert Chef.

Yes, she took a look at the picture, read the post, called me something rather uncomplimentary (in the nicest possible way) and told me what it was.

What you see here is a chicken hash, basically chopped chicken mixed with egg and fried like an omelette I also had grated carrot and cheese to go in, but forgot to add them, so they got spread on top, along with sweet thai chilli sauce sour cream.

So yes, you were all on the right track.

Tell you what, I'm handing out imaginary trips to Neptune with bags full of Pluto Chips (to use in the local casinos or to eat, as you find appropriate) to everyone who participated.