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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Last Look

Wherein I discuss the end of Podcast Reviews on Freshly Ground, and welcome into the world my new site (for just this very purpose), The Podagogue.

Thanks to everyone who voted. I'll leave the poll up for a few more days, so you can see how close it really was. Ultimately, the "Nah, keep posting them here" readers won, but by such a slim margin that I had to examine very closely exactly what I've been trying to achieve with Freshly Ground.

Freshly Ground is a blog about food, and cooking, and reflections on the good (and not so good) things in life. As I've said in my introductory post across the road, "I think I was confusing the foodies, and making the Sci-Fi fans hungry. If there are two things you don't want beating down your door, it's confused foodies and hungry geeks."

To succeed in this wild world we call the internet, it's important to give people what they expect. Those who were drawn here by the food have frowned in consternation at the sudden deluge of podcast reviews I've posted as this obsession has gripped me, and those who have flocked here to read those reviews then find their tummies rumbling at inconvenient times when they come by looking for more fiction reviews.

Therefore: Location, Location, Location.

My reviewing self has a new home, and all my reviews to date have been cross-posted there too. I'll post quick links here as I write important reviews over there, but the full bodies of the works will now reside at The Podagogue, along with links to what I'm listening to at any given point in time, and stuff I highly recommend.

Back here at Freshly Ground, we'll be getting back into the food. Oooh, I can't wait.

So I'll be catching you all very soon, be it here or there. And I'd like to know what you all think of the new site, and of the decision to make the move, so go ahead and leave a comment. Either here, or there.


Leah said...

Yea! I'm so very pleased. I always look forward to your receipes, comments and entertaining scripts in general, but cut back my visits when I found so many blogs to plod through. So good thinking 99. Glad you did it.

lbs said...

I concur