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Monday, April 6, 2009

Lamb Leg Steak Burgers

I have been remiss in my duties, those duties being making people's tummies grumble and mouths water, even right after they've had lunch. I know, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

So without further ado I will complete my 4-part photo series on mouthwatering burgers, this time with the delicious... Link
Lamb Leg Steak Burger
First off, get to your local market and pick up some of the best free-range lamb you can find. If you're in my area, that means getting to the Hutt Riverbank Carpark Market on a Saturday morning or the one in Wellington on Sunday, and making a beeline to the Wai-Ora Lamb van.

Its important to have really good lamb steak that will cook perfectly, because tough meat won't come apart nicely in your mouth when you bite your burger.
Fry up that lamb in hot olive oil with freshly ground pepper and salt and bit of minced garlic. Meanwhile, layer up your homemade buns with a bit of salad and the essential sour cream on the lid.
Put it all together with a slice of cheese, and enjoy. LinkAnd that concludes the summer series of burgers, I'm afraid. Of course, there's still the Great Curry Odyssey to follow, which will be covered this week too. And tonight we had our first stew, because it feels like winter's closing in fast (last day of daylight savings here today - *sigh*), so there's lots of hearty winter fare to look forward to too, as well as photos from our holiday!

(Yes, I know, you all want to see my holiday snaps from the sunny Coromandel, don't you? Well, you're going to!)

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Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

My husband decided to go on a long diet to lose weight, all organic foods and we didn't much meat for a while. During that time, my body adjusted to not having meat and when I went back to eating it, my body identified it as a foreign substance. I kept getting sick. My allergist says I've developed an allergic reaction to beef and pork. It's sort of weird since I've been eating it my whole life. Now all I can have is chicken, turkey and seafood.