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Friday, June 13, 2008

A Look at the Menu

I'd hate for you all to think that all we cook are long, slow, luxurious things like roasts and stews, or labour intensive meals like pizza. So just for the sake of it, I'd like to run through our menu for a normal week - last week, to be specific.


Menu Said: Stew with Dumplings
Actually Cooked: Stew with Dumplings


Menu Said: Roast Chicken with Veges
Actually Cooked: Roast Lamb with Veges


Menu Said: Leftovers with Veges
Actually Cooked: Lamb and Roast Vege Wraps


Menu Said: Bacon & Egg Pie
Actually Cooked: Soup and Bagels

(No photos here - the soup came from a can and the bagels from a shop. All very nice but no bragging allowed)


Menu Said: Soup and Toast (Fresh Bread)
Actually Cooked: Bacon & Egg Pie


Menu Said: Corn Fritters
Actually Cooked: Wedges with Bacon


Menu Said: Wedges
Actually Cooked: Risotto

So apart from the slow stuff on the weekends and the Bacon & Egg pie, which C had cooking by the time I got home from work on Wednesday, everything else was pretty much easy, quick and reasonably healthy. As for the menu, as the working week gets on, things break down a little, but we stay pretty close to the plan most of the time.

I'll keep the Risotto up my sleeve for next week, since tomorrow the big plan is to make a Lasagne, using freshly made pasta sheets and an old family recipe for meat sauce (not one that I will be making up as I go along, unlike the Top Secret Pasta Sauce debacle), as well as C's famous Cheese Sauce. But tonight's Risotto was a first for me, and it came out rather well, we thought. More on that later.

And for anyone who was wondering, no, the Pumpkins haven't sprouted yet. Will be sure to keep you posted.

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Giffy said...

Mmm Bacon and Egg Pie is possibly one of my fave foods. My sister used to make a quick and easy version using filo pastry and muffin tins! So lots of mini-pies. Also, she didn't bother putting tops on them, so more like quiche. Whatever, was good and easy to put in a packed lunch... I think I'm feeling inspired :)