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Friday, June 20, 2008

Almost a Vegetarian Night

There are many good reasons why we should all try to make one or two meals a week vego. Aside from any ethical or moral reasons, which I can't really declaim about since I'm a well-publicised eater of meat, it makes sense both in terms of our physical and financial health to put less meat and more veges on the table.

As well as our new tradition of getting to the market every week, and the extra veges that's putting on our plate every night as a result, we also decided that we would try to cook at least one vegetarian meal every week, just like we do at least one leftover meal out of a big roast or lasagne or whatever. Last week we made nachoes with a tin of chilli beans and a tin of baked beans, which was really good.

The next day, I was glad that I work in a large, open space.

Tonight, we had wedges on the menu again, just because they are easy and yummy. I decided that this would be a good opportunity for a vegetarian meal, even though C had planned on us having them with fried bacon and onion, which I completely forgot about. So all was moving nicely towards our having a vege meal this week, when I remembered that I had forgotten to take my lunch to work today. And once a piece of lasagne has thawed from the freezer, it really has to be eaten.

So tonight we ate vegetarian wedges, with a pile of steaming brocolli, cauli and carrots, a big serving of garlicky cabbage, and sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.

With a side of lasagne.

We tried. That's all anyone can ask, surely.


Giffy said...

Beau and I are attempting the one vege meal a week too. We're also trying for one fish. Trying is half the battle ;)

Dan said...

The habit of eating meat is really hard to break. Even things that could easily be vego only need a bit of chopped bacon (like wedges!) to become a meat meal. We also want to do fish, our main issue is trying to find it really fresh. I think we're going to menu it for saturday and see what we can find at the market this week.

Giffy said...

We're really lucky in Cork that the English Market is open 6 days a week. They have fabulous fishmongers, butchers, vege and cheese stalls. Mmm. We went there to get raw salmon for sushi (they also sell smoked) and they went and got a new whole fish (they had precut on ice) and cut a fillet to the size we wanted. They also skinned and cut it into smaller sizes for us. So good :)

I was reading that some people rather than having vege meals, are trying to shift the focus of meals so that meat is a *side* or condiment rather than the main dish. I quite like that idea too.

Nikki & David Goldbeck said...

For some reason your question just came up in google news alerts. In case you are still interested:

Forty years ago I gave up a likely successful legal career to advocate for complete food labeling, whole, organic and vegetarian cuisine, environmental issues and the like. This was one of the best decisions I ever made.

If you want good reasons to go veg check out “21 Reasons to Eat Like A Vegetarian” on and our popular veg cookbook, (the "joy of Cooking for vegs") - American Wholefoods Cuisine. Good luck.

Dan said...

Giffy: That sounds so great. I remember walking around the markets in Seattle and thinking how great it would be to have a full-time market like that at home. We have been making an effort to drop the heavy red meats and go for lighter stuff like ham and bacon. Even though its more processed, we eat less by volume, which has to be a step in the right direction.

N & D Goldbeck: Thanks for the link. I've posted it on the side of the page for future generations.