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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First Harvest '09

A few weeks ago we planted out our little vege patch in anticipation of Spring.

I'm sure you've all been wondering just how that garden is growing.

Haven't you?
So far, so good.
We've kept out most of the wildlife, apart from the odd white butterfly, and everything is growing like crazy. So much so that we really need to actually stake out the beans and peas or risk losing them completely.
I was even able to go out today and pluck leaves from the lettuces for our dinner tonight.
Look at that, lovely and fresh from the garden. Such a great feeling.
Not so fresh from the garden. But they feel pretty great too. (Stop squishing the sausages in your hands, Dan.)
And here it is: Sausage, egg and fresh garden salad with olives and feta on toast, all seasoned with a big old helping of satisfaction.

1 comment:

Giffy said...

I am ridiculously jealous of your garden. Ours has been decimated by cold and wind these past few weeks. Hoping to get a wind break up around it this weekend. I don't think animals have been at it... but I could be wrong, maybe need to copy you and chicken mesh some of it.