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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twittering from the Rooftops

I've joined the warbling crowd in the Twittersphere.

You can find me here.

I can't say that I'll have anything useful to say; after all, 140 characters is barely enough time for me to get up to speed, much less get even the least bit witty or thoughtful.

But I will be using it to transmit some of the tastier morsels I find in my webby travels that don't make it as far as this blog, things that people might like to read or hear about that might otherwise slip them by.

I'm also using it to listen to the sounds of the internet breathing.

If you're already on, click through to me, and I'll come visit you too.

Altogether now.... TwitterTwitterTwitterTwitterTwitterTwitterTwitterTwitter....

Now ssshhhh.

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