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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Piece of My Mind

Ah, if only this was a recipe post, but it's not.

I wrote my letter.
I printed it.
I signed it.
I put it in an envelope with no stamp on it, and wrote on it "John Key, Parliament Buildings, Wellington".
I walked to the Post Box - no emissions there!
I posted it.

It was that easy.

1 December 2008

Hon John Key
Prime Minister
Executive Wing
Parliament Buildings

Dear Prime Minister

I am writing to express my concern over the matter of Climate Change, and the leadership role that our country ought to be playing in this, but which it is not.

We are facing both an environmental and economic global crisis, and only bold action by the Government can mitigate the damage that New Zealand is facing as a consequence. As I’m sure you are aware, the costs of not meeting our obligations under the Kyoto Protocol will run into the hundreds of millions of dollars. We must take action immediately to reduce our country’s carbon emissions, or we will all be paying for it.

We are looking to you for leadership on this matter. Since you have signaled that a Select Committee will be reviewing the Emissions Trading Scheme, I think that it is important that a review of the Science of Climate Change is not included in the Terms of Reference for this Select Committee, as the ACT Party have requested. The science has been proven unequivocally by several reputable international organizations, including the IPCC and the Royal Society, and has been endorsed by most of the rest of the world. A handful of New Zealand politicians do not have the credentials to second-guess these esteemed sources, and I attribute to you the good sense to appreciate this. I would urge you to step up to the mark and move New Zealand forwards, not backwards as Rodney Hide would have us do. At this point in time denial and delay can only hurt us, both domestically and internationally.

The Select Committee must be able to work quickly, so its focus must be dedicated to determining what we as a country can do right now to reduce our carbon emissions and curtail climate change. The Terms of Reference should specify that the goal of the Select Committee is a review of the ETS to ensure that it can work to these ends, not to question the science or to shift the goalposts to make it appear that we are reaching targets while we are in fact failing to reduce our emissions overall.

Since this is a matter of such magnitude and importance this Select Committee must represent as wide a cross-section of New Zealand as possible. Accordingly, this Committee should be large; at least 24 members.

Action on climate change needs to happen swiftly if we are not to be left behind by the rest of the world. I urge you to show this country and our international partners that you are the man for the job, and that you are not a Rodney.

I appreciate your taking the time to read this letter, because I know you have a great love for our country, and are ready to listen to all New Zealanders.

Kind Regards


lbs said...

You think you have problems. At least your government isn't behaving like a bunch of boys in a sandpit with only one toy. Our elected government is about to be taken over by a coalition government who are in it only for themselves and one particular province who have always been self-centered and think they are better than the rest of us, for what reason I haven't figured out yet. What is the point of voting, what is the point of having a "democracy", if the opposition can just come in and take over without so much as a by-your-leave. And the Govenor-General, whatever she is supposed to do, who is in Europe, has to come home and sort them out, like the bunch of children they are. Are they working for the people? Are they concerned about the economy? Do they care about the country? No, it's all about the people in power, and how much they can get for themselves in the four short years that they have to get it.

Dan said...

I've been reading about the Canadian debacle - sounds a bit crazy to me. I've been impressed by how the National Party has conducted itself so far since winning the election, now lets just hope that they can indeed act in the interests of all New Zealanders, as opposed to how they've been known to run the country in the past.