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Monday, July 21, 2008

I have 11 Minutes

So, I have 11 minutes in which to write this post. Then I have scheduled the rest of the evening to serious writing work. Last time that C and Isaac were away for a few nights, I took upon myself the all-important task of clocking Halo at long last, and in that I succeeded. But such opportunities for focused work are few and far between. May the chapters fall beneath me this week!

9 Minutes, after that scurrilous intro. Onto the matter of these soaring petrol prices, which have, incidentally, just seen a slight fall. Transit tells us that car use in Wellington is down 8% on this time last year. What does that tell us? Yes, Sherlock, people are using cars less, probably because they can't afford petrol. It also means that, being less cars on the road, people like me are spending less time in traffic, thus burning less petrol, thus reducing the demand for the stuff. Win Win! It also suggests that for every 100 people who have sworn up and down that they can't do without their cars, 8 have found they in fact they probably can. The question now is whether or not the public transport system can sustain this upward trend.

6 Minutes. There was a great discussion regarding slow cooking and cuts of meat on Radio NZ today. The link is here, but as it will be gone in 10 days, I will endeavour to find the link to the recipe and put it up here too (but not with only 4 minutes to go).

Camera has been hijacked, still replete with photos from the two recipe posts I have drafted. Since I will not have it back until Thursday, as it is currently assigned to the task of Recording The Childhood Years of My Beloved Son, there will be no more foody photos before then. Stink eh.

2 mins (better abbreviate). I think the key to getting the slow cooker working is getting the volume of liquid right. Too often I find my meals are coming out too watery. Normally, I would have the option of rapidly reducing excess moisture away, but with the slow cooker there is no such option. There have been some slightly-less-then-successful meals slow cooked over the past couple of weeks, but also one fantastic triumph. Will get there when the camera returns.

Times Up! Must Publish!

(For the Record, then spent 4 mins proofreading and correcting mistakes - never pays to rush, does it?)

1 comment:

Giffy said...

Yeah, all the slowcooker recipe books say *reduce* liquids from the amount you normally use as they will not evapourate as much.

Also, some people may not be using public transport so much as *car-pooling*. I rate car-pooling!